Columbia Mens’ Lake 22™ Down Jacket


The Lake 22 Down Jacket from Columbia keeps you comfortable during your favorite outdoor activity in cold weather. The water-repellent material ensures that a small shower does not have to stop you from pulling out, and with the fluffy insulating filling you stay nice and warm. The Heat Seal construction ensures that your body heat is retained. The workmanship on the hem and cuffs makes the jacket stronger and more durable. The pockets are closed with a zipper so you can take your valuables with you without worries.

Our Say

We bought this jacket inspired by many praising reviews we read here online and also the fact that we won’t lie, The North Face was too damn expensive. The online reviews were saying the jacket looks great and very warm. Yes, jacket is comfortable to wear, it looks pretty good and made very high quality. However it is not very warm. I expected I can wear it almost whole winter with temperature down to 10-15°C with just undershirt and button-up shirt. It happened even with 5-10°C, it started to feel uncomfortable and freezing. I need to wear some fleece jacket underneath just to feel warmer. This jacket probably good as lower layer for another thicker coat at winter time. I think I will wear it as my old fleece coat replacement but not at stand-alone jacket during a winter.

We bought it for NRs. 8400/- on Sale Price. The Jacket itself looks like a bargain. The quality is impeccable but it won’t get you through the Kathmandu winter. You will need either fleece Jacket inside or Windproof/Waterproof jacket outside.

If you are in Kathmandu and looking for something to heat up your room, why don’t you try Baltra Feather Blower/Heater. We have already reviewed it for you.

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